Ralf has Scary Feet! [but they're very cute]
Ralf has Scary Feet! [but they're very cute]

Welcome to Ralf has Scary Feet!
Formerly known as The Adventures of Ralf.

This page has been setup to show the Adventures that Ralf and we partake of on a semi-regular basis.
For those who do not know, Ralf is a small stuffed toy Blue Heeler dog - formerly a Bluey Day dog that we became so attached to that we could no longer leave him at home when we went out, or to work. After naming him we bought him an engraved name-tag to wear on his collar. We have now owned Ralf since 12 July 2003 and our attachment to our 'child' continues to grow. I guess he's like a 'blankie' some children cling to - something that makes our troubles seem smaller. Ralf now has a brother called Derrin who we have now owned since 20 August 2004, (the Daffodil Day Bear) who is always by his side. Site is updated continually.
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